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The Financial Shop of Virginia, Ltd. is dedicated to helping our clients improve their current financial situations. If you can’t seem to get out of debt, have less than perfect credit, or simply lack confidence in dealing with your finances, we can help. We will help you achieve your financial goals and teach you how to confidently manage your own finances.

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With consumer debt on the rise and with the drastic changes in the economy, it is important for you to get the financial education and tools that can help you make better financial decisions and overcome the stressful living that debt and poor financial management can cause.

Many debt counseling companies have you make payments to them and then they pay your bills. Unfortunately, this does not teach you how to handle your own finances, and you may fall into the same financial trap that you were once in.

The Financial Shop of VA, Ltd. takes you step by step through every area of your finances. From learning to balance your checkbook, to understanding your credit report and improving your credit score, to teaching you how to pay off your current debt, buy a home, or car. It is our goal to help you make better financial decisions. We believe that the most important principle to experiencing financial freedom is having the willingness and desire to change to make better financial decisions and the knowledge to get there.

Knowledge is Power. So many people lack the financial knowledge needed to make the necessary changes in their lives. We strongly believe the more educated you become the better choices you can make. So, make the commitment today to attend one of our seminars that can change your life and financial situation forever. If you are willing to help yourself, our team of financial consultants are willing to help you achieve your goals.

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The best investment you can make is in yourself!